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Joseph Bloor at The Wood Age wins two national competitions for his wood working

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PR & Marketing Agency

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"Bee Lopez’s services are first-rate! Her know-how, connections, dedication, enthusiasm, integrity and sheer desire to be of service is an honour to be on the receiving end of and I’m extremely grateful for her expertise. Bee is productive, creative, committed, gets results and has great flare, passion and skills in all areas of media and PR. An inspiration and a joy to work with, I can’t recommend her enough."



"My fabulous PR Bee....has been a revelation in my life and career. Having an amazing PR is worth it's weight in gold. Bee is not only extremely good at her job but is also a very personable person. She is there for me every step of the way. In my career trying to make it to the top and get recognised for what I do is a tough job, Bee helps keep me focused and supports me each step of the way. Some times it's hard to see there is light at the end of the tunnel when you are trying to succeed in such an industry like mine, it can be very ruthless! Bee is there at the other end of that tunnel shining that light of hers with a big beaming smile. She's has a great skill in making people listen to her and everyone loves her!    I would highly recommend Bee's PR services to anyone who wants to get further in their career/company, as her drive, passion and determination to make you succeed is overwhelming.  'She polishes your shoes and keeps banging that drum' "



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Enthusiastic, delivers on time, has picked up on the ethos of the firm, cost conscious and incredibly personable (Mark Higgin, Head of Rating)


Bee has been our first port of call from Montagu Evans Manchester to the wider world for all matters PR. A superb resource with fantastic creative energy. Great ideas for business development and a perfect sounding board. (Richard Wackett, Partner, Rating)


Thanks for being  superstar on our pitches. Enormous thanks for pulling together such a mind blowing amount of data and shaping it into such a polished final product. You stayed remarkably calm and positive all the way through (John Izett, Partner, Offices & Industrial)


Your enthusiasm and pro-active approach is outstanding (Adrian Owen, Partner, Residential)


I’ve really enjoyed working with Bee – her level of enthusiasm and positive, diligent attitude are outstanding. She has proven to have a high level of initiative and is great at managing a number of projects concurrently. Her extensive experience in marketing means she consistently delivers and works well under pressure (Mark Candler, Partner, Lease Advisory)


Bee is a real go getter. She throws herself into everything she does with immense enthusiasm and passion. She’s articulate, experienced in her field and professional at all times. A true team player with a positive outlook and a diligent manner. I’ve very much enjoyed working with and overseeing her career at Montagu Evans (Rob Asbury, Partner, Head of Retail & Leisure Agency)



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